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300×250 Embedded Ad Sponsorship

The 300×250 ad appears on every page. Your ad will go in rotation with nine other banners. You may purchase more rotation if you wish your ad to show up more often – buy ten rotations and you’ll own the entire ad spot. Price per rotation is $500 per month. The banner can not be bigger than 25K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

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125×125 Button Sponsorship

The 125×125 button appear on every page, under the heading “Sponsors.” Button locations are randomized with each page load to give advertisers even exposure. Pricing is $500 per month per button. Only eight spots are available. The button can not be bigger than 15K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

If you’re interested in securing a 125×125 button sponsorship, Email your ad to and pay by clicking the PayPal link below.

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Sponsored Reviews

The blog accepts sponsored reviews at a rate of $100 per review. Sponsored reviews receive at least 12 hours as the top front page post. The gives your review maximum exposure to This Is Ions dot Com readers. You can read some of our reviews here.

To order a review, send all the information about your product or service and paypal $100 to The average review takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

Sponsored Tweets

The blog accepts sponsored tweets at $10 per tweet. Your message may be tweeted up to three to give you a good return on investment. We write our tweets with the goal of having it retweeted by our followers. Please note that if you order a Sponsored Review, you automatically receive a Sponsored Tweet.

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