It’s that time of year again!  2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and as such, we’re expecting an brand-new smartphone: iPhone 8 and/or iPhone X.  Rumours of what we should expect are especially easy to come by this year.  We’re expecting a bezel-free display, no home button, facial recognition to unlock and more.  We’re also expecting a new Apple Watch, new AirPods, and a 4k Apple TV

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We don’t really know all the details, how the rumours iPhone X is different, or what other goodies Apple might have ready, until Tim Cook and company take to the stage.  It’s a special event, the first being held at Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theatre and will also allow the public their first look at the almost-ready Apple Park headquarters.

Obviously, we’ll be blogging the whole thing! Follow along as we provide instant updates and first impressions of Apple’s latest lineup of iPhones.

Darija Nelson 12/09/201713:02

And we’re Live

Welcome to our live blog

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:04

We starting with a video, narrated by Steve Jobs, welcoming us to the new Steve Jobs Theatre

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:04

A somber Tim Cook is here

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:05

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about him.” –
on Steve Jobs

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:06

Cook is getting very emotional. I sometimes forget how close they were

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:07

Now Cook is going to talk about Hurricans Harvey and Irma

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:07

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:09

Cook is taking some time to talk about the New Apple Campus

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:09

Powered by 100% renewable energy

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:10

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:11

The Welcome Centre will feature an Augement/Virtual reality showcase and a brand new retail store

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:11

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:13

Angela is here to bring us some Retail stats

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:13

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:14

She’s basically selling the Apple Store experience. Photo lessons, Genius Bar, Coding classes etc

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:15

Actually, I wasn’t aware Apple offered so many services

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:16

“Today At Apple” is a bunch of new artsy stuff you can go to Apple and learn all kinds of things – for a fee maybe? no price listed, maybe it’s free

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:17

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:18

A bunch of new stores are coming, including this one at Carnegie Melon in Washington

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:18

And a new store in Chicago

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:19

And right to it: The Apple Watch 3.

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:19

Apple Watch growth is 50% Year over Year

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:20

Apple Watch is now #1 watch in the world – not in wearables, but all watches. 2nd place is Rolex

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:21

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:22

and now a little video

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:24

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:27

Apple is launching a heart study

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:28

WatchOS 4 is coming September 19th

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:29

And we have a new Apple Watch – Series3. And it finally has cellular built in

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:29

No phone needed, just your watch. anywhere

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:30

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:30

a new music app, streaming all the songs from Apple Music.

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:31

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:32

Siri can now speak on the watch, and the new watch uses the same phone number as your iPhone

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:33

They’ve stuck an LTE antenna, electronic sim card and more and the new watch is no bigger than the series 2

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:35

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:36

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:38

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:39

Order September 15, and Deliver on September 22

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:41

And next up Apple TV. Cook pauses, no applause

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:42

And 4k is here, and Cook acts like it’s the next big thing. It’s really about time this happened.

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:43

Apple TV supports 4k, DolbyVision and HDR

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:45

and now we’re watching Spider Man. Seriously

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:47

All iTunes movies are now 4K/HDR at the same price. All previous movies you’ve bought will be updated for free

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:48

Apple TV is coming to a bunch of new countries, with local content and live sports

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:48

and live news is also coming

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:49

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:49

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:53

Well, they’re showing off an exclusive game for Apple called Sky. It looks pretty swell, don’t know how much i want to play using an Apple Remote thou

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:54

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:54

Next up: iPhone (s)

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:57

“huge News”

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:58

looks remarkably the same as the 7

Richard Dias 12/09/201713:59

Looks like no edge to edge display. I see loads of bezel

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:00

the new processor does have 6 cores, which is nuts

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:01

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:02

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:07

Well, the new camera is better, but this is nothing particularly new. Theres a new lighting feature, slow mo video is now in 1080 and 240 frames per second

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:08

And then he said AR

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:13

Well, they showed off a game, and it was very cool. But this isn’t a heaset, they are augmented Apps

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:13

and now let’s talk about wireless – if this is wireless charging its about darn time

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:15

yup, new iPhones have wireless charging

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:16

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:17

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:17

iPhone 8 starts at 699 and the iPhone 8plus starts at 799

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:17


Richard Dias 12/09/201714:19

And it’s the iPhone X and its finally bezel free

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:19

Tim Cook called it the iPhone 10, not X

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:22

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:25

easy unlock using FaceID, button push for Siri, swipe up for home

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:26

FaceId uses cameras built into that black notch cut out of the screen, which is an ugly addition. potential dealbeaker

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:39

you can track faces, for use in animojis – animated emojis and snapchat.

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:40

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:41

And we’re back to talking up the Camera, which we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time doing. A lot of this is catch up to the Galaxy S8

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:46

and still waiting on the rumoured 1k price tag

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:51

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:51

yup, $1000 to start. they keep calling it the future, but its realistically a catch-up to what everyone else is doing

Richard Dias 12/09/201714:53

The Apple watch has Cellular – catch up to Moto and Android Gear.

Apple TV has 4k, long overdue to catch up with Roku and others.

Iphone 8 with wireless charging – years too late.

and the iPhone 10 with an all screen OLED display, finally meeting up to Samsung S8.

Richard Dias 12/09/201715:00

So thats the end, join us on the blog as we break down each story individually, and hunt down the best tech stories, tricks and products to help you livethefuture