The Pop Is a Modern Take on Polaroid’s Iconic Camera Experience

Polaroid has teamed up with design company Ammunition again for its 80th anniversary to produce the Pop, a 20-megapixel camera with a 3.9-inch LCD screen and built-in Zink technology printer. The handheld device has touchscreen controls, is able to record 1080p video and has a microSD memory card slot all in addition to the...

EHang: Introducing the Supersized Drone That You Can Actually Ride

ehang drone CES 2017
We always see loads of Drones at the Consumer Electronics Show. Now it’s time to introduce a super-sized drone that is able to transport a human being. Ehang has announced the first autonomous aerial vehicle, the “184” Personal Flying Vehicle (PFV), a quadcopter the size of a smart car. The 184 can deliver one human (up to 260 pounds) anywhere…within...

Dell unveils convertible 13-inch laptop with edge-to-edge display

Dell XPS 13 convertible
Building upon some big updates to it's 13-inch XPS laptop, Dell upped it's game to make a 2-in-1 version.  According to Windows Central, the convertible XPS has what looks like an edge-to-ege display, similar to the Infinity Edge has popped up on Dell's website.  There are not many details yet, but if Dell can build...

CES Day One: The Weirdest, Coolest, and Most Futuristic Tech

It’s the first week in January, and that can only mean two things — painful hangovers from New Year’s revelries and the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!  Forget Christmas…for tech nerds, the CES is like dying and going to heaven — a heaven full of shiny new technology, self-driving cars, flying cars, vibrating pants, robots,...

Razer Built a Crazy Laptop With Three Monitors

PC gaming may not usually make its way to our viral pages, but some creations are just too crazy to pass up. Such is the case with Razer ’s latest gaming laptop. Unveiled today at CES, the computer is perhaps one of the more ambitious setups to ever see the light of day. Dubbed...

LG’s New TVs Will All Feature Futuristic Nano Cell Technology

The next generation of LCD TV viewing/streaming is here thanks to LG. Its SUPER UHD TVs (models SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000) will feature Nano Cell technology, the most most advanced color-enhancing LCD panel tech to date. /READ MORE// CES 2017: WHAT TO EXPECT By utilizing uniformly-sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter, the game changer will “render highly...

A New TV Has Come Out That’s 30 Percent Thinner Than An iPhone

Today at the CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Chinese company Xiaomirevealed the newest model in its Mi TV line of televisions. Dubbed the Mi TV 4, the model will be offered in three sizes — 45, 55 and 65 inches — and while it boasts some pretty impressive features, the real kicker is that each...

Analog Photographers Rejoice, Kodak is Bringing Back Ektachrome Film

In October 2016, Kodak rebranded itself, harking back to the finer times of film. So maybe it isn’t surprising that the company announced at CES today that it will be bringing back Kodak Ektachrome film for photographers who still use the old school medium. Originally axed by the company back in 2012, it appears that enough...

ASUS ZenFone AR Takes 92-Megapixel “Super Resolution” Photos

Before the end of 2016, we took a look back on the evolution of virtual reality (VR) and how far we’ve come. As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts to rain down boatloads of technological marvel at us, it isn’t surprising that a smartphone is making splashes and crossing into the realm of VR and augmented...

Toyota’s Futuristic Concept Car Comes With Wings and a Built-In AI

With some experts predicting an end to car ownership in the near future, you can’t blame Toyota for coming up with a concept car designed to make you fall in love with it. /READ MORE // Is Acura’s Precision Concept A Big Design Win Or A Misfire? At the 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) today in Las Vegas, the auto manufacturer unveiled...

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