Analysts Predict Features of Apple’s Next iPhone X

According to a new report from MacRumors, Barclays investment bank analysts Andrew Gardiner, Hiral Patel, Joseph Wolf and Blayne Curtis have made predictions on what Apple‘s next iPhone — successor to the X — will look like. /READ MORE// iPhone X Demand Has Driven Apple’s Share Price to an All-Time High In the research note obtained by...

The iPhone 7 Has A Confirmed Release Date

apple-iphone-7-32gb-base-1 iPhone 7
iPhones have traditionally been unveiled around September every year, so it’s no wonder that the Cupertino tech giant will follow this trend for the release of the highly-anticipated Apple iPhone 7. However, now that September is inching closer and we have just a month left to go, a concrete date has been unveiled. /RELATED // New iPhone 7...

Apple May Finally Be Doing Away With 16GB iPhones

apple-iphone-7-32gb-base-1 iPhone 7
If you’ve ever had a 16GB iPhone, then you know how much of a pain it is; with so little storage available to you, you’re pretty much forced to keep the likes of your music and photos in the cloud — which isn’t a major problem until you don’t have service or an internet...

Apple Introduces Its Special Edition PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

As expected, Apple‘s online store has relaunched with a number of new products. And the highlight of the offerings? A brand new red colorway of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. /READ MORE // Apple Is Selling More iPhone Plus Models Than Ever Before Apple’s latest partnership with PRODUCT(RED) and its contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, the...

New iPhone 7 Leak Shows off Prominent Lens Protrusion

With the highly-anticipated launch of Apple’s iPhone 7, many have come out of the woodwork with leaked images of what the device will look like. However, courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer at, a new image has surfaced, which have some believing this could in fact be the real deal. READ MORE // Here’s What the Samsung Galaxy...

The iPhone 7 Plus Sold out in Less Than 10 Minutes

According to a new report by South China Morning Post, the new iPhone 7 Plus models in Hong Kong sold out in a mere 10 minutes after pre-ordering was made available to the public at 3:08 p.m. earlier today. /RELATED// Apple Officially Takes the Wraps off of the iPhone 7 The jet-black model proved to be the most...

Apple Is Selling More iPhone Plus Models Than Ever Before

Apple’s financial results from Q4 2016 reveal the iPhone 7 Plus has been selling more than any of the previous Plus models from before. Despite some initial reservations, the latest Plus model has proven to be a hit with its larger screen, bigger battery and RAM compared to its standard counterpart. /READ MORE// Dive Into the...

Here’s How to Charge Your iPhone 7 and Listen to Music at the Same Time

After unveiling the new iPhone 7, many fans weren’t happy about the missing headphone jack. In order to use headphones, an adaptor needs to be plugged into the Lightning charging port, but if you’re charging your phone you can’t use the adaptor. /RELATED// Apple Officially Takes the Wraps off of the iPhone 7 To overcome this, users can...

Apple Officially Takes the Wraps off of the iPhone 7

As promised, the iPhone 7 was the focal point of today’s Apple event in San Francisco and, depending on what exactly you were expecting, it didn’t disappoint. /RELATED// The Apple Watch Series 2 Makes Its Debut The most advanced iPhone ever, the new 7 and 7 Plus pack a bevy of new features into the familiar smartphone. As expected, the headphone...

Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement: What We Expect To See

Apple Event Sept 7 2016
September is here, and in the world of technology that means one thing:  an Apple Event.  As has happened for the past four years, Apple will hold an event to show off it's newest device.  This year, we're expecting to see new iPhones and Apple Watches. /READ MORE// New iPhone 7 Leak Shows off Prominent Lens...

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