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Apple Watch Outsold Entire Swiss Watch Industry in Q4

According to industry researcher Canalys and IDC, Apple outsold the entire Swiss watch industry combined last quarter. The tech giant is estimated to have sold 8 million Apple Watches based on a publicly released shipment statistic from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. While Apple has been manufacturing watches for only four years,...

Best of 2012: // #11: Apple Maps Fiasco

Apple Maps sorry apology
Every new iPhone or Mac usually means a big story, from rumors to the slick keynote to release stats.  New stores in new cities, a new screen, new features, a lower price - Apple consistently makes the year’s ending news.  2012, however, saw Apple's yearly entry marred by mistakes and missteps. Goodbye Google - Hello...

More Than 150 New Emojis Will Arrive This Year

Following the success of Animojis — even Gucci made its own — Apple is set to add more than 150 new emojis over the course of the year. According to the Unicode Consortium, a body that maintains the standard for coding and symbols, the new wave of emojis has been finalized and will arrive on...

Apple Patents Flexible iWatch Device

iWatch concept
So you may have heard a rumor floating around about a new product under development by Apple called the iWatch; a new type of wearable personal multimedia device for your wrist.  According to Patents, it might be real. Apple might be getting into Wearables READ MORE // A Redesigned Fire Hydrant for the Future It doesn’t seem so...

Apple Claims All-Time High Q1 2018 Earnings

This week Apple reported its Q1 2018 earnings. The report measured 13 weeks as opposed to 14 weeks reported in Q1 2017. The company posted a quarterly revenue of $88.3 billion up 13% from last year with international sales accounting for 65% of Q1 earnings. /READ MORE// Apple profits up on lower than expected iPhone sales Of...

Is This What the Apple iCar Could Look Like?

We all like to speculate Apple’s next iProduct, and part of the fun is imagining how the adopted technology would be rendered via Apple’s design scheme. Many muse that Apple’s next big endeavor will be a car, which isn’t surprising given the automotive market’s focus on shifting from fuel to electric. /READ MORE // How Lexus Killed...

Is Apple Going to Loop Us in on March 21?

Apple’s rumored March 21 event is indeed happening. Today the Cupertino tech giant officially sent out invites to the media for its upcoming event at its own Town Hall auditorium at the 1 Infinite Loop campus. READ MORE //  Apple to Argue Case to Congress New iPhones and iPads on the way? So what can we expect? For...

Apple to Launch New 15-Inch Macbook Pro Later This Year

In light of the recent battery issues with the MacBook Pro it looks like Apple is already gearing up to launch a new range of laptops this year. /READ MORE// Apple’s MacOS Sierra Will Arrive on September 20 According to well-known KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech giant will be incorporating Intel’s next generation Kaby Lake processors into the new...

Everything You Need to Know: Apple’s iPhone 6S Event

Apple Live Event
Theres going to be a lot going on, and a lot more to read up about.  So we've gathered everything you need to know before the event in one handy place.  This is absolutely everything you're going to need to know before the event.  And don't forget to check out our LiveBlog for the...

Apple Has Just Announced the Most Powerful Mac Ever, Meet the iMac Pro

Apple has just announced the iMac Pro, its most powerful Mac ever, at WWDC. The all-new iMac Pro in its new space grey enclosure features a 27-inch Retina 5K display with up to 18-core of Intel Xeon processors and 22 Teraflops of graphics computation. With next-gen processors and increased workflow capability, the iMac Pro...

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