The Best of 2015 // #100: The End of All Things

Best of 2015
Using the most extensive group of telescope observations ever made, Astronomers have discovered the Universe is dying.  By studying over 200,000 galaxies across 21 different wavelengths (everything from Ultraviolet to Infrared), astronomers compared the output of energy from all the galaxies, essentially piecing together a history of the energy output of the universe. READ MORE...

Best of 2015 // #94: Another Planet That Might be Like Earth

Best of 2015
If you love news about exoplanets and all the firsts we seem to witness, get ready for another.  For the first time, Astronomers believe they have found an Earth-like planet , named Kepler-452b, with a Sun-like star's Habitable zone. READ MORE // The year of the Exoplanet The new planet - known as Kepler-452b, named after the telescope that...

Best of 2015 // #95: Running with Raptors

While Chris Pratt was running around and motorbiking a Jurassic World with suped-up Velociraptors, real-life palaeontologists were analyzing some unique fossilized tracks made by a Raptor over 100 million years ago.  The paper, published in May in Paleoworld documented the first known imprints of the dinosaur's infamous third-toe claw. READ MORE // The First Snake Much like the...

BEST OF 2015 // #86: Deforestation Rates Are Not Falling

Best of 2015
The Rainforests have long been called the 'lungs' of our planet: they exhale life-giving oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide.  A study published in May of 2015 suggested that forests are at a bigger risk than ever before, directly contradicting reports earlier in the year that deforestation was slowing down. READ MORE // Apple, Ikea Purchase Large...

BEST OF 2015 // #87: The Super-Fast Liquid 3D Printer

CLIP 3D Printer continuous liquid interface production
A new type of 3D Printer can make object that appear you grow from liquid within minutes.  It's a new method of 3D Printing, and many think it could revolutionize the industry, again. READ MORE// 3D Printers come Home The Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology, or CLIP, features a pool of special resin that only hardens when...

BEST OF 2015 // #88: Scientific Misconduct

Best of 2015
In July of 2015, the Iowa District Court sentenced biomedical researcher and former Iowa State University fellow Dong-Pyou Han to 57 months in jail and fined him a staggering $7.2 million in restitutions for 'Scientific Misconduct'. READ MORE // Better Incentives, Better Science Han was convicted of altering the blood samples of rabbits to artificially boost HIV...

BEST OF 2015 // #89: Cecil’s Legacy

Best of 2015
On July 4th , Cecil the lion’s wireless tracking collar went silent.  Oxford University’s WildCRU (wildlife Conservation and Research Unit) had been following Cecil’s every move for eight years, as a study on his pride.  When rumours that a male lion had been killed near Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, WildCRU founder David MacDonald feared their study’s...

Best of 2015 // #90: The Forever Camera

Best of 2015
Cameras are relatively simply machines.  They need energy to work.  Light is energy.  A modern camera works by sensing light, and this fact may provide an elegant solution to one of newer universal problems: how to power a camera forever. READ MORE // Simple Chart Explains Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Digital cameras create photos and images...

Best of 2015 // #91: New Pain Relief

Best of 2015
Hospital patients in need of quality pain relievers may soon be using manufacture opioids created by sugar-eating yeast, much like what Bakers and Brewers use. READ MORE // The Nose Knows Back in August, Christina Smolke, a synthetic biologist working at Stanford announced her team had successfully genetically modified bakers yeast - one strain converting glucose into...

Best of 2015 // #92: Growing Stem Cells in Animals

Best of 2015
Working with Stem Cells isn't easy: when isolated, 99 percent of stem cells die, making it extremely difficult to either tinker with them, or even create more of them.  However, by altering the medium in which Stem Cells grow, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies created a new type of Stem Cell...

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