The Newton Espresso Press Is the Most Minimalist Coffee Machine Yet

Like the espresso shots it produces, the Newton Espresso press strips the act of making coffee down to its bare bones. The machine is essentially a simple, hand-operated lever that utilizes high-quality seals and a piston design to create water pressure. /READ MORE// The Coffee Warmer Plugs into your Computer Users can customize their brew by adjusting...

Start Monday With The Sounds Of Coffee

Huge coffee by Diego Stocco Monday Coffeevideo
Good morning Monday.  It's the hardest part of the week - you've had your recuperation and were almost ready to go back to work and BANG!  you're in the office.  Coffee helps, so why not pour some right into your ear buds.  Not the drink, but this beautiful, brilliant Coffee soundtrack. READ MORE // Yawn for...

Yawn for Coffee from a Dutch Vending Machine

Douwe Egbertsvideo
Vending Machines have been making our lives easier, better and faster for many years.  Now, they dispense more than just Candy and Coke.  Live Crabs in China, they have them in New Orleans Cabs, And now, Dutch Coffee maker Douwe Egberts gives us coffee when you yawn at it. READ MORE // Spotify Is Taking Over...

InfoGraphic: How Much Caffeine Is In My Coffee

Thrillist Infographic about Caffeine in CoffeeThrillist Infographic about Caffeine in Coffee
I love my coffee.  It’s my drink of choice, morning savior, lifeblood.  It’s a passion, a hobby; it’s also my blood type.  Some coffee is good, some coffee is totally garbage, there’s a ton of different ways to make it, roast it, brew it, and drink it, but I’ve never asked: how much caffeine am...

Study Suggests Drinking Coffee Might Reduce Liver Damage

Happy coffee health
Theres an ever-growing body of research that suggests that Coffee may be good for your long-term health.  It can reduce your risk for type II disabuses, Parkinson's,Alzheimer's and possibly even Cancer.  Once recent study however, suggests it may also lower your risk of liver damage caused by over indulging in Alcohol. READ MORE // Is your...

Java jr: A Tiny Sized Creamer for A Full Pot of Coffee

Java jr coffee-creamer-mini-decanter
You know those ubiquitous diner-style coffee pots that you see, full of warm, tasty, caffeinated goodness?  Well, this teeny tiny version is for your milk and cream.  Caffeinated cuteness. READ MORE // The Robot Barista Is here Java Jr is a pint size coffee cream dispenser. SEE ALSO: Google Celebrates 50 Years of Doctor Who with Interactive Doodle This...

The Coffee Warmer Plugs into your Computer

Do you need your daily infusion of caffeine at work?  If you don't, you might be reading the wrong article, because we have found your new favourite gadget. /READ MORE// How To Get Fair Trade Coffee at Starbucks When we work and focus on our daily to-dos, our morning cuppa can, unfortunately, become colder until it's undrinkable....

Is your Morning Cup of Coffee Slowly Killing You?

Coffee Study could be killing you
Java users who downed more than four cups a day have a high chance of dying early. That’s according to a study published this month in Mayo Clinic Proceedings that suggest heavy coffee users are hurting their health. These finding only apply to heavy drinkers under 55, and they add to an already complicated history...

How To Make your own Iced Coffee

Make Iced Coffee
Summer is here, and that means it's time for one thing.  Put the hot coffee away and prepare for Iced Coffee season!  Don't waste your money at a coffee joint, because this stuff is simple and easy to make at home.  /READ MORE// How To Get Fair Trade Coffee at Starbucks Instead of blowing vacation money on...

How To Give Up Coffee and Why

There is a lot of debate about whether or not caffeine is good, or just great, for you, but there is a lot of consensus on caffeine's addictive properties.  I personally indulged in the warm stuff every morning, because it gives me that edge I need in the morning but I also know quite...

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