This short animation is called Retrowave and its a glorious ode to the 1980's style. Made by Florian Renner, the short flick imagines Back to the Future's DeLorean with Tron's lights. Seksi. /RELATED // This is Living: The European PS3 Short Film Theres not much story, but its all about the style here...
The Visible Poetry Project aims to make poems, poets and poetry more accessible to the everyman by taking the works and turning them into beautiful short films.  Dutch animator Anna Eijsbouts took Neil Gaiman's Hate for Sale on to task, and boy, does it hit home in our current political...
Pencil software
Someone asked me to recommend a cartoon animation software, and I had a play about with this software late last year on ubuntu, so could recommend this. The software is called Pencil, it allows you do some great 2D animation either with bitmap or vector images and then can...