10 Awesome Facts About Sherlock Holmes (BBC)

BBC's Sherlock Holmes is one of our favourite iterations of the literary figure.  Sure, RDJ turn a stellar turn in the movies, but Benedict Cumberbatch's long tenure as the sleuth of the century has risen the star to fame, and raised the fictional icon to new heights.  Here's 10 awesome things about Sherlock Holmes...

Netflix is on F***ing Fire

Netflix is on Fire
The traditional TV Industry should be in panic mode. Maybe it’s not a big deal that Netflix has an estimated 69 million subscribers worldwide and counting. Maybe it’s even a small thing that netflixers watch 100 million hours of video on the service every day. This article originally appeared on Medium, and was republished here with...

Sumvision Cyclone MKV Primus

For under $45.00, The Sumvision Cyclone mkv Primus is one of the cheapest options available for anyone looking to stream media directly to their TV in full 1080p HD.  There are a few small stumbling blocks to overcome with this device but don’t let that put you off, I have mine functioning far better...


When episode 1 of Supernatural first launched no one could ever predict this first episode would grow into the franchise it is today. The series has continued to grow to this day, and our friends over at Zone 6 has decided to take a look at each and every episode “sense” then! /READ MORE// BBC's Sherlock: Many Happy Returns This...

Is FreeView HD Any Good? Kinda

I now have freeview HD, just before christmas I decided to get a freeview HD box, I had looked around and I found the Tesco have a clearance store on ebay, they selling reconditioned or item that just have been returned. All at approx half the cost within the store or direct on there...

Amazon making a TV show about Nerds in Silicon Valley?

amazon_studios_tv_630 Silicon Valley
While there are an absolute ton of shows about the cats out in Silicon Valley, Amazon Studios wants in.  'Betas' is a half-hour comedy about a quartet of 'nerds' and their 'Attempt to crack the ultimate code'.  What? /RELATED// Netflix Signs With Comcast to Bring Streaming to Cable TV The show, starring Ed Begley Jr, Jon Daly...

Drawbotics Designs 3D Floor Plans of Famous TV Show Offices

There are numerous office environments portrayed on television these days. Inspired by said work spaces, a team of skilled 3D designers over at Drawbotics decided to recreate these popular TV show environments for the enjoyment of the viewing public. Spending over 200 hours binge watching popular shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, Suits, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mad Men, The IT...


One good thing about Supernatural is that they like to leaven their horror with a light sprinkling of comedy (I know sounds a bit weird, but they manage to pull it off quite admirably) and this episode is a perfect case in point.  Basically – we’re going Back to the Future … allow me...

The HYDRA beheading and RadioShack

Radio Shack Closing meets Hydra
HYDRA as you might (or might not) know are the shadowy ubervillians of the Marvel Universe that have been plaguing us throughout the Captain America series of films.  In Captain America: The Winter Soldier we actually learned that they had in fact infiltrated and subsumed SHIELD itself - the organization that had been initially...

LG’s New TVs Will All Feature Futuristic Nano Cell Technology

The next generation of LCD TV viewing/streaming is here thanks to LG. Its SUPER UHD TVs (models SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000) will feature Nano Cell technology, the most most advanced color-enhancing LCD panel tech to date. /READ MORE// CES 2017: WHAT TO EXPECT By utilizing uniformly-sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter, the game changer will “render highly...

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