PhoneDrone kickstartervideo
The jury is still out on whether this is a good idea or great idea, but the more we write about it, the better it sounds.  PhoneDrone is basically an exoskeleton for your phone that turns it into an autonomous quadcopter / drone thingy.  At first, this sounds a...
As CNET reports, Ford has filed for a new patent to aid the next wave of motor vehicles. Under Ford’s plans, drones will be used as “surrogate senors” for your car, allowing drivers additional safety options in the event of a sensor failure. /READ MORE// Ford talks up future goals in mobility...
ehang drone CES 2017
We always see loads of Drones at the Consumer Electronics Show. Now it’s time to introduce a super-sized drone that is able to transport a human being. Ehang has announced the first autonomous aerial vehicle, the “184” Personal Flying Vehicle (PFV), a quadcopter the size of a smart car. The 184 can deliver one human...