Best of 2016 // #98: The New Tree of Life

New Tree of Life bacteria
A small, shallow aquifer under the Colorado River's floodplain doesn't seem like a place to hunt for new forms of life.  It turns out, however, that the area near Rifle, Colorado is teaming with forms of Bacteria never seen by science before. /READ MORE // Concrete Comes to Life Nobody expected to find new life in Colorado,...

Best of 2016 // #93: The BirthPlace of King Arthur ?

In July, archeologists began digging a 5-year excavation on England's southwest coast, and struck pay dirt almost immediately.  This site, at the medieval Tintagel Castle, has long been boasted as the birth place of the legendary King Arthur.  While researchers didn't uncover any round tables, they did make some historic finds. /READ MORE // Old Kings...

Best of 2016 // #99: Portrait of the other Woman

Portrait of a woman Degas
Using a particle accelerator, Australian researchers discovered a second, very different face hidden underneath a famous work of art. /READ MORE // Is this a Photo, Render, Painting or What? Researchers threw high-energy X-rays at "Portrait of a Woman", a 19th-century classic by French painter Edgar Degas.  The X-rays caused elements in hidden pigments to light up....

Best of 2016 // #100: Breakthrough Starshot

breakthrough starshot
2016 may well be remembered as a breakthrough year for stargazers.  On April 12, Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner unveiled Breakthrough Starshot, a mission to send a swarm of robotic space probes to Alpha Centauri, our closest neighbour. /READ MORE // Exoplanet next door looks a lot like Earth The probes would be launched within 20 years, and take...

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