Best of 2016


Best of 2016 // #96: So Does Flossing Even Work?

It's common knowledge: good hygiene depends on daily brushing and flossing.  In August, however, floss-haters got the news of the century when news broke that there was no scientific evidence to support flossing. /READ MORE// The...
Portrait of a woman Degas

Best of 2016 // #99: Portrait of the other Woman

Using a particle accelerator, Australian researchers discovered a second, very different face hidden underneath a famous work of art. /READ MORE // Is this a Photo, Render, Painting or What? Researchers threw high-energy X-rays at "Portrait of...
breakthrough starshot

Best of 2016 // #100: Breakthrough Starshot

2016 may well be remembered as a breakthrough year for stargazers.  On April 12, Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner unveiled Breakthrough Starshot, a mission to send a swarm of robotic space probes to Alpha Centauri, our...