Instagram Introduces New Business Tools

Instagram is rolling out new features for business profiles. Users can upgrade their accounts to gain access to an expanded set of features, which include the ability to let customers reach out via phone, emails or texts. Additionally, business profiles will include maps and directions to the store if applicable. READ MORE // Instagram Just Launched...

Instagram’s Head of Design Sheds Light on That Colorful New App Icon

By now you’re no doubt familiar with Instagram’s major overhaul yesterday. And while the clean black-and-white makeover for the user interface has been met with nearly universal approval, the same can’t be said for the colorful new app icon. Some love it while others have bashed it or wondered why it’s seemingly the complete antithesis...

Instagram Launches Its Own Snapchat Live Story

Instagram debuts a new live stream video of curated content that showcases specific events. The social media app’s newest feature can be found at the top of your navigation page and is currently featuring ”Halloween’s Best Videos.” READ MORE // Malware Gives Instagramers Likes, Followers “This is a new way to experience events and big moments, as they happen, through the...

Instagram Is Rolling out A “Save Draft” Feature

Avid Instagram users, rejoice. The app is slowly rolling out a new function that will definitely be useful — “ Save Draft .” Only a few of the app’s users have this feature so far, but it will likely be rolling out in the upcoming months. /RELATED // Instagram Launches Its Own Snapchat Live Story Right now, Instagram has confirmed that the...

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