Best of 2012: #8: Rise of the Self Driven Car

In May of 2012, a car and a truck dove along highway in Spain.  The one thing they were missing? Drivers. READ MORE // Driverless Trucks Proposed Between Mexico and Manitoba The convoy drove 120 miles without human intervention during the experiment in which Sarte project - driven ahead by European Commission - aims to develop autonomous road...

Amazon & Garmin Are Bringing Alexa to Your Car

Amazon and Garmin are bringing the always useful services of Alexa to your daily ride. /READ MORE// IKEA Creates Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible Light Bulbs Known as the Garmin Speak, Amazon and Garmin’s new collaborative creation can be placed and set up in your car like a standard GPS device, however, instead of simply giving...

NAIAS 2016: LC 500 showcases future design direction of LEXUS

lexus LC 500 NAIAS 2016- -06-818x459
At NAIAS 2016 in Detroit, Lexus revealed the brand’s future production direction with the  ‘LC 500’ luxury coupé.  Beyond it's styling and impactful performance, the vehicle serves as a symbol of the achievement that results from collaborations between design and engineering groups. the production model shares many of the key design elements, proportions and visual dynamism of...

BMW unveils new crazy looking autonomous vehicle concept to celebrate its centenary [Gallery]

The BMW Group celebrated its centenary by highlighting its vision of the future, which will be electric and autonomous although the company is more ambiguous about the former. To embody the vision, BMW unveiled a new concept vehicle called ‘NEXT 100’, but never directly mentioned its powertrain, though it did make several references to...

Mini Cooper talks back to you in Obnoxious Personalities

Talking Car Knight Rider
Finally, a Mini Cooper that can talk back to its driver.  Wait.  You made it sounds like what? /READ MORE // Rise of the Self Driven Car If you guessed two snooty English guys, and a polite British lass, then you are bang on.  We finally get cars that can talk back and this is what they...

Apple Reportedly in Talks to Aquire McLaren

Apple to buy McLaren?
Apple has apparently approached supercar-company McLaren to discuss either an acquisition, or a 'strategic investment' according to the Financial Times.  The talks are said to have been going on for 'several' months. /RELATED// Picturing the Evolution of the F1 Racecar McLaren is best known for the F1, the Formula One racing squad, and a couple months ago,...

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