The Back to School Android Smartphone Guide


School is just around the corner, soon you’ll be doing your back to school shopping. Some of you might have started already but if you’re like me, you will probably leave a lot of the shopping till last-minute. Back to school shopping typically means buying notebooks, pens, pencils, and clothes. Sure, those things are important but, a smart phone is probably just as important when you’re going back to school.

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So, here are my top 5 Android smartphone recommendations:

1. OnePlus One (Starts at $299)

Never Settle, OnePlusOne
Never Settle

This phone is the new kid on the block, it claims to be the 2014 flagship killer. You’re sure to find your peers walking around with a Samsung or an iPhone but you’ll hardly see someone using this phone. It’s a beautifully designed phone running a custom version of Android (CyanogenMod 11S). The phone comes with amazing hardware, prices starting at only $299, fully unlocked and off contract. Too good to be true? I agree. Here’s the catch though, this phone is very hard to get your hands on — you need an invite to buy it. If you can obtain an invite to get this phone, you will get the best bang for your buck.

2. LG G 3 (Starts at $599)

LG has been killing it with phones lately, and their newest LG G 3 doesn’t fall short in anything. It comes with a stunning Quad HD display; a fast and exceptional quality camera with laser focus, and a battery that will last you the whole day. This is a big phone, just like the OnePlus. Both sport a 5.5 inch display but, LG manages to fit their 5.5 inch QHD display on a smaller body. This phone is one of the best phones out right now, another amazing option for you.

3. HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is the bigger and better brother of the 2013’s HTC One — which is still a very solid phone. From their previous release, HTC had made improvements on the design, the battery life, and overall performance. This phone’s design is a neck-breaker for sure, you will turn some heads walking the halls with this beast. If you’re a photography buff then you will absolutely love this phone because of all the features HTC packed in with it’s camera. You will have fun with the Duo Camera feature for tweaking depth of field and adding other post-production effects.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 ($750 +)

Samsung galaxy-s5-rumors-news image

The Galaxy S5 is the tech giant Samsung’s latest phone. There is not much to say about the phone, it is the latest and greatest. A vivid display, good battery life, and good camera. It does have a lot of bloat ware and half-baked features like the finger print scanner, heart rate monitor. With that being said, this is still a very stable android phone. Although, the phone is water and dust proof, the hardware is mainly plastic and the design is mediocre at best if you ask me. None the less, this is a phone that the average Joe and Nancy will go gaga over, mainly because of the way Samsung markets the device.

5. Nexus 5 ($349+) Nexus 5

Although the OnePlus One is trying to dwarf the Nexus 5 by offering a slightly better experience in the same price range,  the Nexus 5 is still a king when it comes to inexpensive phones with flagship specs. You will love the display and the buttery smooth performance of this phone. With it being a Google phone you will be up-to-date with the latest Android before everyone else. The phone is very reliable and always pleasing to use, after all it is a phone with Google’s name on it.

Honorable mentions:

1. Moto G (Under 200)
2. Moto E (Under $200
3. Moto X ($350 +)
4. HTC One
5. Sony Xperia Z2

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